Starting in 2015 Modulation is Utrecht’s bi-monthly modular/hardware synth music focussed event. They started out at Kytopia, later moving to the Helling while having special editions happening elsewhere at Centraal Museum, De Nijverheid, ACU, Ekko, the former Pieter Baan Centrum and TivoliVredenburg. They’ve done shows in collaboration with Uncloud, Pitch festival, Gaudeamus and Le Guess Who? Artists come from all walks of life, beginners are featured regularly but more seasoned performers turn up as well.

The music is as varied as the instrument it’s performed on moving from harsh noise to soothing ambient via drones and cinematic styles. Of course some beats poke their head around the corner as well be it broken or straight 4 to the floor. Performances take place in the centre of the room with the audience around it for a good sense of what is happening. No staring at vague black boxes from a distance. Every artist is shortly interviewed right before the show and invited to discuss their work with the audience right after.

9:00 Almost ’N Sync
9:45 The [Law-Rah] collective
10:30 Circuitry (Live av)
11:30 Tribute to Rob Hordijk by Jos Smolders
12:30 Miss Taloulah May
13:00 Jungle of Wires
14:00 end