Spatial sketches arbsorbed through texture, sight and scent, but recycled and born again out of the creative mind of Thessa Torsing through sound. Constantly meandering, ever-wondrous, and sometimes alienating tracks that stroke your ear canals and make you experience textures in ways you’ve never experienced before.  Dripping showers of sparks, botanical gardens, and winding worms on rough concrete: visual stimuli and fantasies through audio nearly crawl out of your speakers when listening to the polyrhythmic IDM and estranging ambient of upammy. Adventurous and scenic, experimental and peculiar: through these core values, upsammy found her own distinct way to bigger festival stages and dj booths. With a liking for oddball techno and the most leftfield corners of drum & bass, Torsing goes to the bottom of the well when it comes to providing refreshing clubbing experiences. Become a witness of the musical synesthesia of upsammy during Etmaal.

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