Britain’s TSHA is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting talents of the moment. She blends poppy R&B with refreshing breakbeat in a sublime way that definitely will catch the attention of fans of Nia Archives. TSHA is proving herself as the ultimate warm-up for unforgettable nights in clubs in which her thumping house productions like BOYZ could also be perfectly played during peak hours. After various EPs and standalone tracks packed with groovy bass liness and clear melodious hooks, the multi-talent released not only a fabric mix and a collab with Diplo, but also a stellar debut record this year: Capricorn Sun was released in october by the famous Ninja Tune label, and it’s been stuck in our heads for months now. This dj, producer and live performer brings the dynamic of a pop anthem and a club smasher together in a whirling mix praised by either critics and the public. Witness TSHA’s refreshing club explosion at ETMAAL.

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