Vril and Rødhåd share a liking for anomalies: things or phenomena encountered in a way different place or time than where you’d expect them. Obsessed with this philosophy and determinate to break with expectancies surrounding their solo monikers, these two talented producers shook hands to craft a new sound. A sound within which introspection, deep listening, focus and mysticism are key elements. Is it triphop? Ambient, maybe? Are those drones, or even hints of goa-trance? Out of Place Artefacts doesn’t gather to label things, but to dig deeper without a purpose. By working like this, it’s most likely that the unknown, the illogical details or a whole new blend of existing formulas will surprise you from the get-go. Delve into new sonics with Out of Place Artefacts, and who knows what you’ll run into.

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