Berlin-based JakoJako approaches everyday life in a playful manner. Environmental noise fascinates many people, but the idea to incorporate a passing car or a creaking door in your own (electronic) music and make the noise blend in with other elements, is easier thought of than executed. JakoJako chose persistence and developed her already above-average skills on synths into a mastercraft. Her stack of knowledge about tools and instruments kept on expanding more and more, after joining synthesizer heaven and nerd hub Scheidersladen. Now, it’s more than clear JakoJako is head and shoulders above her contemporaries when it comes to layered, well-balanced ambient compositions that flirt with polyrhythms and deep pads. This year the transcendental power of her music is captivated in not one, but two releases with her name on it: in Metamorphose, natural sounds are resurrected in electronic compositions. In In Vere (with Rødhåd!), the ambient artist sets one foot inside the techno club. A mesmerizing, imaginative synthesis of the organic and the artificial: JakoJako knows how to create it like no other.

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