Berlin composer Hainbach doesn’t shy away from grandeur. In his track The Guide, he’ll pull feather-light distorted piano playing closer to the ground through bluntly marching drone sounds. In Translucent, you’ll feel the impressive grotesqueness of enormous desolate airports and bathopodia-inducing satellite-like structures work on you, as if you were microfiber within the cosmos. Hainbach has the gift to encapsulate the gigantic in sound without getting too heavy or lose a certain child-like curiosity. This results in compositions that are unique in their magnificence, that sketch a completely own world to wander in. Not in a slightest bit restricted by his skills with modular synthesizers, Hainbach keeps going on his unfathomable quest to expand to sonic spectrum of his main instrument through bridging towards other instruments and bizarre effects. A blueprint for new inspiration, a little nudge towards childish astonishment: Hainbach’s sounds will pave the way for you to be encaptivated by his performances.

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