Dee Diggs is a DJ and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is unapologetically black, queer, and a life long student of the tenets of House Music. The year 2020 found her at the top of her game after a debut European tour during August 2019, her name was popping up on top bills on a weekly basis in NYC. Her energetic, yet deep approach to DJing has seen this Boston to Brooklyn transplant lighting up dancefloors all over; in particular, garnering attention in the queer party scene. This mixes well with her ethos: using her influence to create space for marginalized groups to express & organize themselves. Her aim is to contribute to & sustain more spaces where these groups are valued and thanked by name for their contributions to humanity. Thank the OG Black innovators of House & Techno! Thank you, Disco-era Queens & Queers alike for the theatrics & fanfare of nightlife as we know it! There are homages to these origins alluded to in her taste and most noteworthy mixes.

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