Ambient for clubs? Sam Barker knows how to craft it: in his soundscapes, melodic patterns pose as rhythms, and bass synths are the propulsive force.  When suddenly, at the moment you’re least expecting it, a thumping kick drum drops to completely overawe you. In the quiet corners of Berghain’s dance floors, the Leisure System founder absorbed a broad palette of club inspirations. Full of inspiration, Barker consequently created a unique, dreamy blend of dub, ambient, breakbeat and bass driven sounds. And that was even before Barker would become a Panorama Bar resident himself. Still not convinced? Try listening to his album Utility (2019), and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you 45 minutes after pushing the play button. That’s probably gonna be the moment Barker has got you fully wrapped and compelled in his smoldering, deconstructed remains of hard electro he has reshaped into totally new on his own.

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